22 Jan

Since the Covid 19 crisis began in March of 2020 employers were forced to adjust rapidly in order to continue to operate their businesses.  Many employers decided to have their employees work from home.  This was a change from the normal policy of working from the office five days a week.  Some organizations were already having their employees work from home maybe one day a week.  Today many employees are not having to show up to the office at all. IT Industry professionals say that until Covid 19 many employers were hesitant to allow workers to work from home.  Mostly because they were not trusting their employees to be productive.  Yet they found that their employees were just as or more productive while working from home.  Now they realize the benefit to family and business alike. 

Now that they have switched to work from home, many employers have realized that they could adjust their pay scales.  Why? Well the Covid 19 crisis has demonstrated to employers that they can in fact trust their employees to work from home and be productive.  Moreover, their employees are now saving money by eliminating the cost of commuting to and from the office, and paying for parking and so on.   Allowing employers an opportunity to save on payroll and other costs.  In other words the Covid crisis has had a positive effect on many industries by increasing worker productivity and  increasing corporate margins by lowering payroll costs and other expenses.  

Therefore, Covid 19 has accelerated the move by employers to use exiting technologies for meeting with their employees and monitoring productivity and placed all industries where they would have been in five years time.  This phenomenon has decreased office space leasing, utilities expenses, payroll, and other costs for many industries.  IT has in addition created opportunities for IT SaaS providers of teleconferencing and other applications. As we create a new normal in our society we will realize that the days  of going into the office for work may be over for many millions of workers.  Moreover, technology will be an even greater part of our lives.

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