What several Professionals have said about volunteer boards.

10 Sep

Here’s what your contemporaries have to say:

 “Effective governance by a board of trustees is a relatively rare and unnatural act. Trustees are often little more than high-powered, well-intentioned people engaged in low-level activities.” ~Thomas Holland 

“There is one thing all boards have in common…they do not function.” ~Peter Drucker

 “Ninety-five percent (of boards) are not doing what they are legally, morally, and ethically supposed to do.” ~Harold Geneen 54

 “Board members are usually intelligent and experienced persons as individuals. Yet boards, as groups, are mediocre. Boards tend to be, in fact, incompetent groups of competent individuals.” ~John Carver 

“Boards have been largely irrelevant throughout most of the twentieth century.” ~James Gillies

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