Our Non-Profit Governance Policies and Procedures package comes with eight of the most important policies and procedures needed to run a non-profit. Such as your IRS required 990 policy, Non discrimination, Anti-Harassment, and more. These policies are branded with your organizations logo, name, and any other info you would like on it. Contact us by email to discuss your particular needs: Support@northeastconsultinginterpreting.com

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Policies and procedures are the rules and processes that all organizations require in order to maintain order and provide information about how to run the entity.  Many organizations hire attorneys to perform this function for them.  However, an attorney isn't always required at this level.  However, you must have some basic rules and place regarding how you desire the organization to be managed and what guidelines you would desire staff and employees to follow.  Something as simple as meeting management is critical to the organization.  Having Roberts Rules of order in place or a Consensus process will help you to run meetings and actually achieve goals during your meetings.  You also, want your staff to follow certain policies that are require by law such as, Anti discrimination polices.  These are generally required by the EEOC, or  under such Laws as the ADA, ADEA, and others.  Policies and procedures help organizations meet statutory requirements and protects organizational assets.  Run your organization professionally.  Keep your employees and staff informed about policies and procedures by having written copies  on hand that you can pass out or keep in an SOP binder for them to review.