Corporate Training Workshops (Select from over 130)


Corporate Training Workshops

Our professional corporate workshops provide your organization with professional development training. Delivered by facilitators with over 20 years combined experience. These workshops can be delivered in a bilingual format for organizations with LEP staff. When placing your order simply purchase the number of seats desired. Once your order is place you will be contacted to determine which workshop you would like us to deliver and if you would prefer web conference or in person on site format. You can purchase by check, money order, or PayPal .



Non-Profit Governance Policies and Procedures

Our Non-Profit Governance Policies and Procedures package comes with eight of the most important policies and procedures needed to run a non-profit. Such as your IRS required 990 policy, Non discrimination, Anti-Harassment, and more. These policies are branded with your organizations logo, name, and any other info you would like on it. Contact us by email to discuss your particular needs:


File Articles of Organization

All entrepreneurs whether they are organizing a no-profit or a for profit organization must file your articles of organization with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. NCI can assist you in properly filing your articles with the Commonwealth. While preparing to file we will help you to create your organizational mission and assess whether you will be requiring to take additional steps and provide you with the information you need. Legal fees can be expensive and many of the steps required to start a business do not require an attorney. Spanish speaking consultant.



The SRA and HSR Tools are provided by Healthcare to assist medical practices in the performance of internal risk assessments or audits. This tool is simple to download. and use. However, if you lack the experience in performing and IT cybersecurity audit you might desire assistance in setting it up and actually carrying out the internal audit. This is where NCI can be of assistance. We will help you maneuver and use the tool within your organization. In addition, we will review some of the regulatory requirements for medical office practices in order to assist you meet compliance. The use of either of these tools will help you determine if you are in compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and other frameworks.