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NCI consultants have received HIPAA Awareness Training and Business Associates Awareness Training from a certified training organization.


Northeast Consulting Interpreting LLC has been assisting profit and non-profit businesses alike to improve their image, operations, and compliance with related regulations.  We utilize a tailored approach to meeting  client needs.  We believe that organizations, like people, are unique and therefore deserve the opportunity to put their best image on display for the public to experience.   Quite often achieving ones mission requires having all the proper mechanisms in place and aligned with your organizational goals.  In todays business environment training is an intricate part of doing business.



Strategic plans provide a catalyst for organizations to grow and become focused on the mission of the organization by identifying organizational needs and resources, then creating a plan (roadmap) that will focus organizational energies on short and long term goals. Strategic Plans help to improve organizational image, operations, governance, and performance of work. . NCI brings all stakeholders together to develop a plan that is practical and achievable.


Our team will train your board members to understand the responsibilities of a board of directors and familiarize them with the use of Roberts Rules of Order. We use a powerpoint training to impart this knowledge. In addition, we will provide your Board members with Handouts that they will be able to use to refer back to the information presented.

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We assist clients with the proper creation of their entity, meeting all document requirements, attaining an accountant, writing articles of organization, attaining your EIN, and more. Our goal is to reach out to small businesses and organizations, and help in the establishment of operational best practices and organizational development. We work with minority owned businesses and entrepreneurs. Our services are offered in Spanish for LEP clients.


We offer Business, Education, and Medical Industry language services, providing interpretation and translation for meetings, medical appointments, and other activities. Providing valuable patient provider interactions that protects LEP rights, while improving the quality of healthcare delivery. We specialize in Medical, Education, and Community interpreting. Our primary language group is Spanish. Also, our interpreters are trained in education interpreting and IEP Services. They are experienced in participating in IEP meetings and other services to disabled persons.

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In a nation who's diversity is continually growing we must be prepared to adapt and accept other ethnic groups and cultures as part of our own. Historically America has been the melting pot of the world having all the ethnicities and cultures of the world represented in its population. this is what makes our nation strong, unique, and a world leader. NCI provides training in both public and private sectors on the issue of cultural competence , diversity, and inclusivity. NCI uses discussion and exercises for team building that help build trust and bring people together harmoniously to work toward a common goal. Today's workplace must benefit from our cultural differences rather than have these differences be a detriment.


Many non-profit and private sector organizations work closely with or withing the healthcare industry. These entities have legal obligations under HIPAA, HITECH, and OMNIBUS Rule. We provide comprehensive consult of HIPAA Training for employees, and business associates. We will provide you with inexpensive online training resources with certifications.

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Many organizations must comply with OSHA Regulations and therefore must provide safety and health workplace training for their employees. We provide small to medium sized business with customized consultation on your Safety and Health Training needs Our consultation will take the guess work out of safety and health training and will direct you to valuable OSHA training, that will provide your employees with a certificate of participation at low cost.

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We help member organizations establish criminal background check accounts with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in order for them to be able to screen their volunteers and staff. Non-profit entities provide many services and interact with a wide range of ages of community members. It is only proper that these entities protect their volunteers, staff, and community they serve.

How to Use the SRA and HRS Tools

This training is to introduce how to use the tools mentioned to audit your organization on HIPAA and Network Security compliance. This course is for small organizations that have to comply with HIPAA and don't know where to start.

Apple Device Configuration and Troubleshooting

We can assist you with resetting or configuring your Apple IPad, iPod Touch, or IPhone. Many times this devices may need to be cleaned out or if the device is Locked Out re-establishing your previous configuration can be difficult. We can show you how to perform these tasks and get your device working again.

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Office Network Compliance Evaluation.

HIPAA Hi Tech requires that covered entities and their business associates comply with a long list of security requirements in order to protect ePHI from unauthorized access. If you operate a small practice we can help you determine if you are HIPAA complaint. In addition we can assist you with selecting the proper changes to become compliant. Need assistance with compliance we can help!

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Preparations for a Risk Assessment

We assist entities that must comply with NIST, SOC, HIPAA, and More in gathering the control documents for auditors.

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Telehealth and Online Solutions

In today's Covid environment many small businesses are using telehealth, video-conferencing and other online SaaS solutions in order to remain in contact with their customers, employees, and other organizational staff. NCI can assist you in selecting the right solution for your business and help you get setup and started. Allow us to assist you in selecting the right product for your organization.

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  • Small Business and Non-Profit Management Consulting Services Technical Support and Training

The Advantages of 501(c)3 Status

How Many Board Members Are Ideal To Start A 501(c)3?

Many organizations start with the minimum amount of board members. The ideal number to start if four.  The positions that must be filled are the ones of the executive committee. These positions are president, treasurer, Secretary, and at least one director or board member.  After this you can grow your board and add as many members as your by laws dictates or as your organization requires to carry out its mission.

What Are The Advantages Of Forming A 501(c)3?

Here is a list of many common 501c3 advantages.  There may be other advantages of 501c3 status that would apply to your specific organization type.
  • Make a nice living while doing good. Nonprofits can pay salaries. At the end of the day, feel good about the good you have done.
  • Tax-deductibility of donations to the organization—you can give tax-deductible receipts for all cash and non-cash donations.
  • Lower nonprofit postage rates for mailing over 250 identical pieces of mail.
  • Public service announcements on radio and TV (free but limited availability).
  • Limited liability for directors and officers for operations of the organization (some exceptions: e.g., gross negligence, unpaid taxes).
  • Perpetual existence. The corporation continues on after the death of the founder(s).
  • Government and private grants are available for tax-exempt organizations.
  • Miscellaneous—employee fringe benefits not generally available to the self-employed person or business owner, e.g., group life insurance, health insurance, payments of medical expenses and approved corporate pension and retirement plans. Some stores and businesses give a discount to nonprofit corporations and employees of nonprofits. Some publications give an advertising discount to nonprofit organizations.
  • Many stores and business (e.g., Walmart) give a discount to nonprofits and their employees if they can provide a copy of their 501c3 status letter from the IRS.
  • A nonprofit organization (even a church) needs 501(c)(3) status to obtain food from a government food bank.
  • Once your organization secures tax-exempt status, it is permanent. You don’t have to go back and renew it, ever.
  • A church must have 501(c)(3) status if it wishes to have a group exemption for its “daughters” or subordinate churches under it.
  • 501c3 nonprofits can obtain food from food rescue programs as well as food banks. Food rescue programs typically obtain perishable and prepared foods (such as from restaurants and grocery stores) and distribute it to agencies that feed hungry people, usually later that same day.
  • A nonprofit organization (even a church) needs 501(c)(3) status in order to benefit from the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act. This act of Congress releases restaurants and other food organizations from civil and criminal liability associated with the donation of food to nonprofits assisting individuals in need. The act protects donors in all 50 states from civil and criminal liability for good faith donations of “apparently wholesome food,” defined as meeting “all quality and labeling standards imposed by federal, state and local laws and regulations even though the food may not be readily marketable due to appearance, age, freshness, grade, size, surplus or other condition.”
  • For churches and congregations only: Pastors can receive certain tax benefits. If you want to issue a call to a pastor from a foreign country—to come here and preach or pastor—it is much more costly and much more time-consuming if your church or congregation doesn’t have its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. A church needs to be incorporated to hold property in the name of the church (the property should normally be held in the name of the church, not in the name of the pastor or other individual).
As you can see there are many 501c3 advantages.  When you are planning your non-profit future, consider the monetary and tax benefits and advantages of 501c3 status for your organization.

What Are The Required Documents Boards Must Have?

There are many forms or documents that a board of directors should have or could have. Much of this is dependent on your organizational goals.  However, the most essential documents are the Articles of Organization,  By Laws, 990 policy, anti discrimination policy, sexual harassment policy, and several more depending on your mission.      We will usually review the organizations mission and potential services or programs ad make a recommendation of which documents to create.   We then assist you in creating these documents. 

Must A Non-Profit Register With The States Attorney General ?

The short answer is yes. However, in some states this registration may be required only if your fundraising will rise above a particular threshold.   Therefore, research must be conducted in order to determine your particular states requirements.

How Are Non-Profit Board Meetings Conducted?

Non-Profit board meetings can be managed in many ways.  One can use consensus or some other method.  However , we have found that the recommended mechanism for managing a board meeting is through the use of Roberts Rules of Order.  It tends to be efficient and allows boards to accomplish their work goals while dedicating minimal time at a meeting.  The average board meeting last around 3 hours. This is of course not very productive.  Boards that use Roberts Rules of Order perform better, faster, and meetings are shorter in length.  The average board meeting using Roberts rules of order is 1.5 hours.

Approved LIst of Non-Profits Recognized by the IRS in Massachusetts

The IRS approves hundreds if not thousands of 501c3 applications each year.  In the interest of the donor community we are providing a link to the list of all Massachusetts non-profits.  If you consider your entity a 501c3 or other type of non-profit the name of your organization will appear on this list.  If you are not an incorporated non-profit entity you may be in violation of section 501c3 of the tax code.  This can result in litigation with the IRS.  For a complete list of Non-profits in Massachusetts please visit the link below select your geographic region and your list will open in excel format.


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